stationery desk sets

Our stationery desk sets are a complete collection of varying sized letterpress note cards and custom envelopes. Each desk set has been designed with the latest in interior color trends. The custom printed fabric covered exterior of each box has an understated simplicity, making the desk set a sophisticated addition to any live or work space. For a burst of color and pattern, the inside of each desk set is custom printed with a signature elum patterned print.

Each desk set contains over 315 pieces total; 35 folding note cards with 35 envelopes, 50 round cornered flat notes and 50 monarch stationery sheets with 75 custom monarch sized envelopes, and 35 folding gift enclosures with 35 envelopes. the inside compartments house the various letterpress stationery pieces, and the generous inside pocket holds the monarch stationery sheets with a velcro tab closure. Each box is held closed securely through the magnetic top.