elum letterpress wedding invitations

Every Elum letterpress wedding invitation suite is an inspired collection designed to evoke a visual, tactile and emotional connection. As one thumbs through each letterpress wedding invitation ensemble, each unique letterpress piece has been designed to compliment the next, but has its very own story to tell. The result is a comprehensive letterpress wedding invitation package that captivates and creates a sense of anticipation for every recipient. An Elum letterpress wedding invitation will have them counting the days until the big event.

Named one of the 10 most influential invitation designers, Elum has set a new standard of excellence in wedding invitation design. Our incredible letterpress wedding invitations are printed on the most superb 100% cotton rag printmaking papers from around the world. Elum approaches both the design and fabrication of every invitation with the same creative perspective and modern stylization that is tantamount to the most respected in the graphic design industry. Simply put, we brand your entire event.

Over the past 12 years, Elum has continually set the bar with our amazing trend setting letterpress invitation creations. Through innovative design, relentless attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, Elum has earned a loyal following, including a distinguished global customer base, discerning celebrity clientele, and an ever growing following of self-described paper fanatics everywhere.