umi wedding invitations

umi wedding invitations

Introducing Umi (you say it like this: "oo-mee")

Umi is our solution for creating affordable letterpress wedding invitations that do not compromise on great design or quality materials. Umi uses 100% cotton print-making paper and bamboo paper in standard and double-thick weights, as well as other eco-friendly paper options. And just like Elum, Umi prints all letterpress items using soy-based inks. How can we offer cheaper pricing? Umi offers package-priced ensembles that allow you to purchase a predetermined combination of items that maximize the space and time on press. So, the more items you buy, the better deal you're going to get!

But if you are simply not budging your budget for letterpress, Umi can still work for you because Umi offers a flat printing option on the exact same designs at a fraction of the price! And what's even more fabulous is that it is flat printed on the very same 100% cotton print-making paper used for letterpress. These highly affordable flat printed packages are the perfect solution for those who love amazing invitation design, but simply cannot afford to pay for the letterpress process.

Umi has also teamed up with Envelopments, Inc. to offer a wonderful selection of envelopes, liners and enclosures that can all be incorporated to create a truly custom package. And what’s even more impressive is that Umi offers custom letterpress printing directly onto the Envelopments® enclosures!

But, we still think the most exciting thing about Umi is that you get the trendsetting (and eh-hem, award winning) design and high quality fabrication by Elum. How divine.